10 natural ways to lower blood pressure

If your blood pressure is reading anything above 140/90 it is considered high. Your reading should sit around 120/80. What can happen if your blood pressure is high? You can suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Taking medication can help bring it down but natural remedies or life style changes can make a bigger impact and can even help or prevent future health complications.


Exercising helps makes your muscles stronger, even your heart. If your heart is stronger then it doesn’t need to pump blood so hard which helps lower your blood pressure. You can either walk 30 minutes a day or just do some house work for awhile.

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol

Smoking in general is not good for your health. The nicotine causes your blood vessels to narrow which causes your heart to pump harder and faster.

You don’t need to stop drinking alcohol but you should keep it under 3 drinks. The high amount of sugars causes your blood pressure to rise.

Less Salt

Salt makes it harder for your kidneys to remove fluids which causes your blood pressure to rise. Processed foods tend to have more sodium or salt in them because it’s a natural preservative. Try to eat home made foods or fresh foods.

More potassium

Potassium helps to balance salt. It also helps relaxes your blood vessels which will lower blood pressure.

Here’s a list of foods with potassium.

potatoeseggplantpeasorange juiceavocado

Less sugar

Eating too much sugar can cause many health issues including diabetes. Your body produces insulin when you consume sugar or carbs. The more insulin your body produces the higher your blood pressure is.

Lose weight

It’s good to be a healthy weight. If you are overweight your heart has to work harder to pump blood which increases blood pressure. Just losing 10 pounds can make a huge impact.

Reduce stress

When you are stressed out your body produces hormones that cause your heart to work faster and pump harder. Try to meditate or do yoga. Exercise also reduces stress.

Eat berries

Not only are berries healthy and taste good they can have a lot of benefits. Berries especially blueberries contain a antioxidant called anthocyanin which can help lower blood pressure. Some berries that can help you are


Eat dark chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Dark chocolate can be beneficial to your health. As we know higher insulin levels can increase blood pressure. Dark chocolate helps reduce insulin resistance, which would cause your body to reduce excess amounts of insulin, and that helps reduce blood pressure.

More magnesium

Magnesium can help maintain and balance more than just your blood pressure. It helps to relax your blood vessels making it easier for your blood to flow.

It’s always best to have a healthier life style if you are younger. Don’t wait until you have signs or symptoms. Sometimes you don’t have symptoms when it comes to having high blood pressure and that is why it is called a silent killer. You should go to the doctors and get a reading every two years. Most pharmacies have a machine where you can get tested for free.

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